The Dawnblade

The cover of The Dawnblade

I’ve been going through my old files and revisiting works in progress. I recently ran across a new D&D 3.5 edition class I created over a decade ago and subsequently forgot about. Back then I was obsessed with gishes, and I’m still quite fond of them, really. In the mid aughts I had been trying to play a Duskblade, from the old 3.0 Player’s Handbook II, and I was frustrated with it. It was clunky and needed some smoothing out, IMHO.

So, I spent some time pulling apart the Duskblade and really thinking about the essence of it, what it was supposed to do well, what it wasn’t. Then I set about recreating the class. The result was the Dawnblade. I didn’t want to confuse the issue by naming it Duskblade Mark II or something, but I also wanted an obvious callback. Someday, I may revisit the class from a fifth edition viewpoint, but 5e already has several magic-wielding fighter archetypes, so it’s probably not worth it. Until then, though, you can enjoy the glory of the Dawnblade!