Mystic Warrior (Rolemaster Profession)

Here’s another entry in the “crap I made a loooong time ago” category. Way back around 2008 I was introduced to Rolemaster when a friend wanted to run a play-by-email campaign. It was a fun, if short-lived, campaign. When I dive into a new system, I like to try to create something in it, to be better able to wrap my head around its nuts and bolts. Especially if it’s a complex system. If you’ve never experienced Rolemaster, it’s… Look, it’s crunchy, alright? I’m talking Grape Nuts level crunchy. With the complexity of a 20 year scotch. There are a bazillion skills. There are roll tables for everything. It’s a lot of stuff. You should at the very least check it out for a good history lesson.

Anyway, complex as it was, it was fascinating. I spent a lot of time trying to understand the balancing of the professions (what would be called a class in most other systems) and the design goals of the game. To that end, I tried my hand at a couple of custom professions: Mystic Warrior, and Tomb Raider. Today, I present to you the Mystic Warrior, with the Tomb Raider to follow in a later post. Enjoy!

Mystic Warriors are semi spell users who combine the realms of Essence and Arms. Like Monks, they occupy themselves with meditation and philosophy, but they prefer the use of weapons to unarmed fighting. Through their
studies they seek transcendence, to ease the use of power while wearing armor. Their base spells deal mainly with battle enhancements to their selves, and their weapons and armor. Mystic Warriors tend to concentrate on developing proficiency with a single weapon. They are able to attune themselves to special versions of this weapon, called Mystic Weapons, providing weapon bonuses.