Tomb Raider (Rolemaster Profession)

Here’s the follow up to last week’s post on the Mystic Warrior profession for Rolemaster. The Tomb Raider is another gish, this time a sort of fighter/cleric model. I had probably been playing Tomb Raider: Underworld, or was maybe just nostalgic for the 2001 flick. I don’t recall.

What I can say is when I’m messing around with designs in a new system, my level of creativity usually goes along the lines of “I don’t see anything with this combination of traits. What would fit that combination?” So, it was very likely a combination of that thought process and my love of the Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones franchises that brought me to design a profession that embodies what most sword and sorcery RPGs are all about. Going into dark holes and hauling out loot.

Tomb Raiders are semi-spell users who combine the realms of Channeling and Subterfuge. Usually of a religious sect that reveres the study of ancient lore, the Tomb Raider makes a living recovering lost artifacts. Their base spells deal mainly with enhancements to their selves, and manipulation of the environment, as well as repulsion of undead.