A Morgenstern Revamp

Back at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011, I released a couple of books of new spells for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e on DriveThruRPG — Morgenstern’s Spellbook, and Resnet’s Spellbook. They were inexpensive and fun — if a tad imbalanced in places.

The idea was that a DM could use them as treasure, perhaps found in dragon’s hoard or just on the shelf of some NPC collector of the arcane. Or, given each book would have to be broken into several volumes, based on the rules for how many pages a spell takes up, they could be used as a “McGuffin hunt” quest.

Both are still available as “pay what you want” items, if you’d like to check them out. Get them as a bundle and save a bit.

Patience My Precious

Or you could just wait a little while. As an ongoing project, I intend to revisit, rebalance, and revise the spells from those books for 5e. Then I’ll release them here on the blog. I’ll be trying for three spells per week, but if I can get in more than that, I will. Altogether there are 135 spells in those books, but many of them are “lesser” and “greater” versions of the same spell, so I’ll likely be able to compress the project into much less than 130 weeks!

Where I can, I’ll also try to provide insight into the design process for the spells. Morgenstern’s Spellbook was born out of my project to revamp the Duskblade class from the old third edition Player’s Handbook II. I had already created several new spells to flesh out that class, and I had a goofy idea about a wizard who kept trying to one-up the luminaries of D&D (Mordenkainen, Tasha, Tenser and the gang) with alternate versions of common spells. Resnet’s Spellbook was both an extension of a throwaway spell name from MS (Resnet’s Grounding Disk), and a way to collect up other spells that germinated after Morgenstern’s publication.

Though I don’t know what happened to the design notes for the Duskblade and the Morgenstern spells, I’ve got my original notes for Resnet’s Spellbook squirreled away somewhere for reference. When I can’t talk about the original works, at least I can talk about what it took to update a spell.

Look for the first of the revamped spells early next week.