Muskrat Love

The following is a description of a game scenario I often run at cons.

System: Blood & Justice (a Prowlers & Paragons setting for gritty, modern superheroes); Rules knowledge not required, just bring your imagination; Character sheets provided (please arrive early to select yours); Dice, paper, & pencils provided.

South Louisiana’s pearl city, Nocturne, sits amid a great swam, straddling a mighty river that empties into the Gulf just to the south. Nocturne is an ancient place, the crossroads of a dozen cultures over its nearly four centuries of existence, filled with mystery and decadence. It is a place of violence, magic, blood, and occasionally, justice. But this afternoon, it has a problem. Three mob enforcers have been found dead, and the Nocturne PD are dragging their feet. According to your contact on the force, this doesn’t feel like a rival gang hit. Will your team of superhero vigilantes heed the call of justice, even for those you call enemy?